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I am shocked and saddened by the untimely death of R.Sridhar, my chithappa's son on 11th January 2010. He was more a friend than a cousin. On behalf of the Newsletter, I pray to God for peace to the departed soul and convey my heart-felt condolences to Nalini, Lavanya, Karthik and all members of his family as well as Pattamma, Varadhan, Lakshmi and Usha and their family members. - Parthasarathy

Hello everyone,

Your favourite Family magazine which completed 8 years in December 2009, is back after a gap of three months. I am happy to announce the 56th issue of the family Newsletter. As in the last three issues, there is a Tamil section (தமிழ்ப் பக்கங்கள்).

This issue is mainly devoted to Australia with two articles by me and one by Prasad on Australia. I had been writing regular mails on our stay and tours in Australia. I have written the final mail Hello from Sydney (covering our activities from 5th Jan to 16th Jan 2010) with about 20 photos. I have also started writing about my impressions about Australia of the trip in an article titled Australian Medley - A photo essay. The first part is appearing in this issue. Prasad has sent Travel Diary: Cairns to Sydney - The Bruce Highway Dash. This is about the road journey by Prasad and Rupal from Cairns to Sydney. This article is also in two parts and the first part is appearing in this issue. There are three other contributors from the family - Mukund, Radha and Kausalya. Actually there is one more contributor in Kannan (Narasimhan). But I'm unable to publish his article now as I have not been able to get the poems in Kamba Ramayanam from the Net. The site from where I was taking them has now closed down and I couldn't find any other free site. So I shall upload his article after reaching Chennai when I can type the poems myself. Mukund is back after many years. His article Life and Business Lessons from Mr. Shah is very interesting and strikes a chord with me as I hold a similar view. Radha has written Perfect corner, an interesting piece about her mother. I am reproducing Kausalya's article In the land of five rivers about her visit to Amritsar.

The Tamil section contains a few interesting articles. I had mentioned earlier that one of the best current writers in Tamil is S.Ramakrishnan. I am a regular visitor to his site. He has reproduced the talk by Chellammal Bharathi, wife of Bharathiar. It is a moving and slightly tragic piece which everyone must read. I am reproducing this piece titled என் கணவர் - திருமதி. செல்லம்மாள் பாரதி. I regularly read a lot of Tamil sites. One of them called மாதவிப் பந்தல் (I do not know the name of the writer) is a very intersting site and contains humorous articles about religion. As a tribute to Andal, there was an article titled ஆடிப்பூரம்: ஆண்டாள் கல்யாணப் போட்டியில் வென்ற ஆண்மகன் யார்? This describes an imaginary swayamvaram of Andal in an interesting manner. I hope you like it. There are also two interesting news items from Kalkandu magazine.

I got an interesting mail on The lessons from 3 idiots. I am reproducing this in the section 'FROM THE NET' . This section also contains two short but sweet pieces - Faith and Excellence..

I am reproducing a Tamil crossword (with hints for solving) compiled by Amritha and me for Kurukkum, Nedukkum, a Yahoo group devoted to Tamil cryptic crosswords. All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Brain Teasers and Cryptoquip are there.

Enjoy the Newsletter and do write about it.


This is a photo which is over 50 years old. Can you guess who are these two? They are Vanaja (my sister) and Lakshmi mami (my aunt)
Can you recognise the two kids? Aarthi and Arun (Urmila's son) with my parents.


*** Newsletter congratulates Shoba, Anand (and Sriram, Pushpa and Mr.Parthasarathy) on the expected addition to their family in a few months. Here are some suggestions for NAMES OF GIRLS and NAMES OF BOYS

*** It is now more than 20 days since we returned from our wonderful trip to Singapore and Australia. The whole thing seems a dream. People were surprised that four relatives from India and four from USA could join for a family reunion with four in Australia. While we were leaving Cairns, Mukund said,' Athimber, this reunion was wonderful. We must organise a reunion somewhere in India.' I agree and let us hope something can be organised. There are so many memories of the trip that all cannot be put down on paper. We have over a thousand photos of the tour. I have attempted to share a few memories and some photos. I have also updated the mails that I was writing regularly from Sydney.

*** Harish has taken a flat in Indira Nagar on rent. It is quite spacious and is in a very good area with easy access to shops, hotels, transport etc. Amritha and I are here in Bangalore from 29th January and will go back to Chennai on 12th February. We are kept busy by Shubha and 6 newspapers every day with their crosswords and sudokus. Aarthi continues to be busy, but has been visiting us and Shubha regularly.

*** Urmila and Ravi hosted a reception in Chennai for relaives and friends to meet Arun and Ajeetha. We missed the occasion as we were away in Sydney. But I heard it was a gala function.

*** Prasad and Rupal stayed in our flat in Chennai when we were away to Australia. Prasad is very busy with his voluntary work at IIT, Madras. This is briefly about his work in his own words - "Around 3 months ago I heard about a program called NPTEL, being run in my alma mater. Very briefly, NPTEL is an effort by the Indian Government to develop web- and video-based courses for all engineering disciplines and make them available to the public for free. In Chennai, I am volunteering my time and abilities to the effort. I am a regular reader of his excellent blogs, the links to which are given here again.



*** Rahul was in India in December/January. We missed him as we were away.

*** On 16th Jan, the day we left Sydney for India, there was a concert in Sydney by A.R.Rahman. After leaving us in the airport, Nitya went with her friends to the concert 6 hours before the start and occupied the front row. She is wearing a black dress and can be clearly seen in this video which had been uploaded by a member of the audience in youtube.

The next issue will be published on 31st March 2010. Bye.

All of us are eagerly awaiting the medical camp organised by Jayalakshmi Ranganathan Memorial Trust in Cheyyar (birthplace of T.Ranganathan my father-in-law) on 14th February 2010. Santhanam, his friend Dr.Chandrasekhar, Prasad, Rupal and Jagan are putting in a lot of efforts to make the camp a success. We wish the camp all success and will give you the details in the next Newsletter.


11th February 2010

Australian Medley - A photo essay - Part-I by Parthasarathy

Hello from Sydney (covering our activities from 5th Jan to 16th Jan 2010) by Parthasarathy

Travel Diary: Cairns to Sydney - The Bruce Highway Dash - Part-I by Prasad

Life and Business Lessons from Mr. Shah by Mukund

Perfect corner by Radha

In the land of five rivers by Kausalya

Cryptic Crossword in Tamil (Fillable and with hints)

Brain Teasers


என் கணவர் - திருமதி. செல்லம்மாள் பாரதி

ஆடிப்பூரம்: ஆண்டாள் கல்யாணப் போட்டியில் வென்ற ஆண்மகன் யார்?

நிழலை நிஜமாக்கும் கலை

கூடைப்பந்தாட்டம் ஆடும் தாய்லாந்து யானைகள்

Lessons from 3 idiots



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