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MAY - JULY 2010

Hello everyone,

Your favourite Family magazine which was started in December 2001, is back after a gap of three months. I am happy to announce the 57th issue of the family Newsletter. As in the last three issues, there is a Tamil section (தமிழ்ப் பக்கங்கள்).

The Medical Camp conducted by Jayalakshmi Ranganathan Trust at Cheyyar on 14th February 2010 was a grand success. Read about it in Prasad's detailed and excellent article A Free Medical Camp At Cheyyar. This issue continues about Australia with the second parts of the articles by me (Australian Medley - A photo essay - Part-II) and by Prasad (Travel Diary: Cairns to Sydney - The Bruce Highway Dash - Part-II) . There are three other contributors from the family. Urmila has been posting her blogs regularly and her contribution in this issue are from her blogs. I am reproducing Kausalya's article Rendezvous on the ramparts about her visit to Golcanda. Padmanabhan (Archana's father) has sent Jokes and more.

The Tamil section contains three interesting articles. I had mentioned earlier that one of the best current writers in Tamil is S.Ramakrishnan. I am a regular visitor to his site. He has reviewed எண்ணும் மனிதன், the Tamil version of an esxcellent English book The Man Who Counted. After reading the review, I downloaded the book and have read it. It is an amazing book and proves that mathematics can be made very interesting. Do read the review and you can read the original book by clicking on The Man Who Counted and storing it in your PC.. I can assure you that it is an excellent book to read and enjoy. The other two articles in Tamil are வரவழைத்துக் கொள்கிற வருத்தங்கள் by லேனா தமிழ்வாணன் and அறுபதுகளின் அனுகூலம் by டி.பி.ஆனந்த்.

The section 'FROM THE NET' contains four interesting pieces - Cab Ride, which is moving, Symmo's snack, a Bhajji boost, and the effigy from hell, an article on IPL-3, Outsourcing of American Presidency and Miracle Paintings.

I am reproducing a Tamil crossword (with hints for solving as well as the solution) compiled by Amritha and me for Kurukkum, Nedukkum, a Yahoo group devoted to Tamil cryptic crosswords. All the other usual features, viz. Memories are made of these, Important family events, Brain Teasers and Cryptoquip are there.

Enjoy the Newsletter and do write about it.


This is a photo taken on my wedding day. Can you guess who are the girls behind me? They are Urmila and Vasu (Ranga mama's daughter who is now in California).
Radha, with the new-born Naren (Urmila's second son) with my parents, Vanaja, Lakshmi mami, Urmila, Arun and Jayasree (Pankajam chithi's daughter-in-law). My chithi is partially visible.


*** I was hospitalised for 5 days in March with a mild heart attack caused by a clot. I am fine now. Vanaja (my sister) and Naren (Urmila's son) were also unwell and are better now. Kannan (Adyar) and Raghu (my brother) have undergone cataract operation in both eyes and are fine now. Newsletter wishes all of them (including me) the very best.

*** Amritha and I were in Bangalore for 10 days and had a good time with Shubha. We stayed with Harish and Archana and Aarthi (who is busy with her work) visited us often. There is a park in front of Harish's flat and we took Shubha there almost every day. We saw three films in the last two months - My name is Khan (good), Vinnai thandi varuvaya (OK) and Angadi theru (good).

*** Harish, Archana and Shubha went to Manila (Archana's athai and athimber were there. They have now returned to India). On the way back, they spent a couple of days in Hong Kong. They said the trip was very nice. Here are some photos of that trip as well as those of Shubha in the park in front of Harish's flat in Bangalore.

the first 16 photos were taken in Manila, the next 8 photos in Hong Kong and the last 8 photos in BDA Park in Indira Nagar, Bangalore.

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*** Our congrats and best wishes to Radha who has purchased a flat in Pallikkaranai. I could not attend the Grihapravesam, as I was in the hospital on that day. But we visited the flat later and it is a very nice and well-constructed flat.

*** Radha and Srinidhi are going to Singapore and Malaysia on holiday for about a week in May. We wish them a very enjoyable time there.

*** Our congrats and best wishes to Sriram and Sowmya (my brother Raghu's son and daughter-in-law) who have purchased a flat in Sealiyur.

*** Prasad and Rupal have gone back to Chicago after spending a year in India. Prasad has been regularly writing about his stay and travels in India and I am a regular reader of his excellent blogs, the links to which are given here again.


*** Mukund is in India from 24th April and will leave back for US on 8th May. He and Jagan have jointly built a house in Tiruvanmiyoor for which the Grihapravesam was held on 25th April 2010. The house is very nice.

*** Aditya participated in a Karate competition in Sri Lanka and won a Gold and a Silver medal. Our congrats to him..

*** Shobha is keeping good health, but is eagerly awaiting her parents, who are leaving Chennai for California on 2nd June.

*** Congrats to Nitya who has bought a new car. Her old car which was almost 15 years old had taken us to a number of places. Not only we, but my in-laws have also travelled a lot in that car when they visited Australia in 1998.

The next issue will be published in August 2010. Bye.


5th May 2010

A Free Medical Camp At Cheyyar by Prasad

Australian Medley - A photo essay - Part-II by Parthasarathy

Travel Diary: Cairns to Sydney - The Bruce Highway Dash - Part-II by Prasad

Urmila's Blogs

Rendezvous on the ramparts by Kausalya

Jokes and more by Padmanabhan (Archana's father)

Cryptic Crossword in Tamil (Fillable and with hints)

Brain Teasers


எண்ணும் மனிதன் by எஸ்.ராமகிருஷ்ணன்

வரவழைத்துக் கொள்கிற வருத்தங்கள் by லேனா தமிழ்வாணன்

அறுபதுகளின் அனுகூலம் by டி.பி.ஆனந்த்

Cab Ride

Symmo's snack, a Bhajji boost, and the effigy from hell (IPL-3)

Outsourcing of American Presidency

Miracle Paintings

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